The Procession

by Arrow to the Sun

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released 18 October 2011

Produced by Michael Poorman
Mixed by Paul Leavitt



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Track Name: Torches
May the world see our faces in the light
of the torches we carry home.
I always assumed that I’d be something different
But I’m turning out like you,
A part of the procession.

The next time that you fly, take a look outside
And count our little hives as they glow and whistle by.
And every single line in this pattern we inscribe
Is spreading like disease while we sleep fine.
Though we all come down on the right side
Thunderous outcry does nothing but stall.

We grow for the sake of growing,
And oh god I know what the numbers say.
We’re blessed with the pain of knowing
How our lives affect the plans we lay.
Though our crown is made of smoke
We will die to keep it,
Or at the very least send our sons
To find out just how far these colors run.

We can clear our conscience of anything.
We permit ourselves this apathy.
Oh, and it all comes down to the little things.
We could right the little things.

Do you feel famous yet?
Did you claim it for your tribe?
Have we gone crazy with hunger
And swallowed all that we could find?
It’s no excuse that every other rat
Would do it just as bad if they had the time.
I’m not bothered by the imposition,
I’m just bothered by the state of mind.
Track Name: Are You Sure?
Hold me up because I've been talking in my fever dreams.
Somebody tell me what we traded for the truth.
I could never be the one that you expect to lead,
A shepherd on a cliff who climbs away to see the view.

I tried to drink from the ocean,
To lie in the fountain,
To be sure.
All I have to spare is my whole life,
Potentially finite.
Are you sure?

Shake me up because I've been days behind the library stairs
And when the process is the product, I'm alive.
I could try to be the one that you expect to lead -
A lantern, all its shadows, and the fire intertwined.

Tell me you would never falter.
(I'm waiting through the cold)
Show me skin without a flaw.
(Give me shelter for my own)

Tell me you'll be my brother in the shallows,
We traded off our compass
And named the vessel Progress.

When it all comes back to haunt me,
When it all comes back to life,
All the time I couldn't find,
And all the lines I didn't write.

I can never slow down.
Track Name: Onward
This task is eating me whole,
This building’s swarming with crows -
Caught in between the names that we chose.
I’ve been watching my hands glow,
And gratefully so.
I’m not half as bright on my own.

Abandon all doubt, he who enters
And push away from shore.
Call back how it feels to be born
And remind me what I’ve ignored.
Abandon all doubt, he who enters
And circle around my heart,
It beats like a fist on a door. Ever higher,
Onward, holy engine.

All day I lay sleeping
on a hearthstone I abhor
And I so easily could dream away
my life and never stir.
But I’ve been clawing at my cage,
Leaving scratches in the walls.
And I think I’m dying here,
Dressed in a servant’s clothes.

All the things that keep me still running
Are telling me I’m only getting started.
All the things that keep me so distracted
(What was I thinking)
Track Name: House on a Hillside
I’ve been looking in all the wrong places,
Holding my nose in the air.
Somebody steady my roaming attention
And narrow the lights I compare.
I’ve been counting the swift and the shallow,
Turning my back in a day.
One then the next and they add up to nothing.
I bet with a hand overplayed.
I’m not going home.

Can I go back to what I tasted?
Did I light my fire too soon?
One day I’ll build that house on a hillside
When I find a way to lay all the doubts I carry aside.

Coming face to face through an empty embrace
With time and the distance I impose.
Always running in place with that terrible pressure
To compete and always keep my composure.
Am I wasting my time waiting for
That girl so perfectly adorned?
Am I wasting my time so unsure
Of what I’m even looking for?

I have no more questions,
It all comes together now
When your counterpart makes you whole.
Am I wasting my time
with my heart held at bay?
Am I wasting my time so damn far
Away from those who showed me love?
Track Name: The Great Release
You were all so noble.
She floats through her brother’s house
With her hands on the photographs
And beds where she slept as a child,
And cleans all the mold off the tiles.
I know what it looks like,
I can guess how it feels.
We stand tall with our backs to the tide,
Only temporary.

I’m watching you retreat,
I’m watching all the petals fold.
Is this the way it goes?
I can feel it start to slip,
I can feel the fire getting cold.

Whatever keeps you sober.
I saw where you put it last.
Take a drink from your hidden glass
And find your son there in the door
And throw all the wine to the floor.
I know what it looks like,
I can guess what it means.
We stand tall with our backs to the tide,
Only temporary.

Whatever keeps you focused on love
And those that your hands helped define.
If you tremble at the bargain,
Know that your path persists in mine.
On your way through the door
I hope that you finally see inside.
When you came into the garden,
All our memories aligned.

Dig deep, the soil is rich.
It’s time to release your hold
And I know the sheets are white but cold.
Mind clear, no fear.
Passing on is the dissolving of I,
Only temporary.